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Located in Vancouver, BC, CANADA                                                                                      

I guess my first introduction to cameras was while I was growing up watching my father choreograph and set up shots with people and scenery. My next exposure to cameras and lenses was while working as a Stunt Performer on movie sets. As much as I love a good action shot (video), the feeling of capturing a single frame that shows an artist in their moment in the spotlight is truly gratifying and has become a personal challenge. Essentially, it is my job to make the Artist look good and present them in the most favourable light. In order to build my Portfolio, I spent many hours in line ups, purchasing great seats or working my way to the front with my point and shoot camera. This is why many of my photographs early on were shot as Amateur. Since 2012, I have been fortunate enough to continue building loyal and trusting relationships with Artists and Bands. I am using Full Frame Nikon Bodies and a variety of fast Nikon Lenses. It is my personal pleasure to shoot any band, event, tour or behind the scenes.  

For more information regarding hiring, purchases or licensing,

please contact me at:  conaction@mac.com